The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (2024)

Streets of Tarkov is the newest map in Escape from Tarkov. Thus, the community is still attempting to determine what the best strategies are. As is the case with any novel map, there is a lot of information available, and you may not be sure of whom to heed.

We will give you a general overview of the loot on this map and the best places to visit. Overall, this map is probably the most loot-dense out of any map. It seems like there are so many rare loot spawns that you can miss a few and still come out rich.

In the future, it might be nerfed, but for now, you can basically go anywhere and get rich. We will begin with some common spots on this map.

1. Chekannaya 15 – Apartments

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Right now, this building is probably the best money-maker on the streets of Tarkov map. It is located on the west side of the map, near construction. Entering this building seems like just another apartment complex; however, it is far from it.

In the lobby, at the bottom of the stairs, there lies a dead scav. Next to him is a valuable spawn with items such as bitcoins, vases, and prokills. Filing cabinets can be found scattered throughout the building, and they have the potential to yield some really good items.

Always keep an eye out for shelves; oftentimes, valuables spawn there. Blue lockers have a high chance of spawning DIY loot such as pliers and the like, which are especially good for your hideout and will eventually add up to a lot of money.

There are plenty of food spawns in the Streets map of Escape from Tarkov. They can be nice if you’re running low on food and water or just filling your backpack with okay items, plus they have a chance to spawn moonshine, which is an item worth around 200-250k roubles on the Flea Market.

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Second And Third Floor

Now, the second and third floors will be your best money-makers. If you want to maximize profits, you will need a few key items. Some of these may be expensive, but you don’t have to buy them if you are struggling; just know that some of these items can really help to boost profits.

The following keys are:

  • Iron Gate Key
  • Chekannaya 15 key
  • Stair Landing Key

Starting with the Iron Gate Key, you will need it for a quest. This quest is not needed for Kappa, but it’s something to note. The key unlocks all three of the locked iron gate doors on the third floor of the building.

In these rooms, you can find dead Scavs, valuable items, provisions, electronics, loot, and some ammunition.

The Chek 15 Key Room

As for the Chekannaya 15 key, this is currently the best loot room on the entire map; the key costs about 4 million roubles on the flea market, but it is worth it if you are going to be playing Streets of Tarkov.

Regarding the loot in the room, there are several spawns for valuables, electronics, military electronics, and stims. These spawns here are abundant and we seriously recommend you to check it out.

The Stair Landing Key unlocks the door next to this; it is a utility key and the room has no loot. However, you can use it to escape if you get trapped. We believe this key is essential if you plan on looting this room.

2. Sparja Grocery Store on the Escape from Tarkov Streets Map

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (2)

This is the best location on Escape from Tarkov’s Streets map for provisions and general items. There are a few wooden crates, a weapon box, provisions, toolboxes, and common household items. Upstairs, you have the manager’s office, which requires a key.

The key itself is not overly expensive, and inside, you have a couple of filing cabinets, items for the home, a duffel bag, a PC block, and, most importantly, a safe under the desk. The safe can make you enough money to cover the cost of the key itself.

The benefits here are the loot and the fact that it is not the most contested place on the map; however, this is the streets, so Escape from Tarkov players should be careful wherever they go.

3. Lexos Dealership

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (3)

The dealership is the crescent-shaped building next to the grocery store, and the loot here is pretty good too. There are plenty of wooden boxes, tech spawns, household items, medical cases, sports bags, and so on.

You will find medical cases, a few sports bags, a tech crate, filing cabinets, and provisions outside between the two buildings. In the small garage, you will mostly find medical loot, a medical case, and a medical supply crate.

There is an area upstairs in the dealership that requires keys to access. The first key is the Dealership Closed Section key, which unlocks the metal door, and the second key is the Dealership Director key, which unlocks the director’s office.

In the director’s office, there are a couple of filing cabinets and a PC block. The caged room, however, has better loot; there is a technical supply crate, a PC block, four weapon boxes, a green crate, and some weapon mod spawns.

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4. Concordia

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (4)

Concordia is an interesting place. If you happen to be close by or you spawn here, we recommend that you loot this location. However, this is not the type of place to just rush off your spawn no matter what; we recommend that you loot somewhere else if you are not close. That is mostly because of how secluded this place is.

With that being said, what is Concordia like for loot? This Escape from Tarkov Streets map location has an extensive underground parking area. It is a great place for household items, tech loot, and electronics. With many toolboxes and a security room, this place can make you money safely.

For the security room, you will need the Concordia Security Room Key. Inside, there are two PC blocks, a safe, and some loose weapon mods.

There are a few apartment buildings that are worth your time; unfortunately, you will need to purchase keys for them. For example, Apartment 34 has a bunch of valuables; the key needed is quite inexpensive.

Apartment 64 has provisions, several valuable spawns, and ammo boxes. The office of Apartment 64 has a PC block and loose electronics, making it a great place for loot. The key is currently quite expensive, costing around 200k on the flea market; this is for good reason.

One thing to note is that a lot of scavs spawn here. Yet, overall, this is a solid location for the Streets map in Escape from Tarkov.

5. The Construction Area of Escape from Tarkov’s Streets Map

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (5)

A relatively small place in size, with some amazing household items, electronics, and loose loot; outside, you have a few tech crates, a couple of sports bags, green crates, jackets, and toolboxes.

Inside, you will find more toolboxes, sports bags, a dead Scav, green crates, a weapon crate, loose household items, and a grenade box. Nothing special here, but this location can help you make a lot of money in a short time.

6. Residential Zone

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (6)

There is plenty of good loot to be had in this area; it is huge, so it will take some time to learn all the spots. This whole area is full of loot, but we will focus on the most notable here: that which is behind locked doors.

The keys you need are:

  • The Sky Bridge key
  • The Primorsky apartment 48 key
  • Zmeevsky 3 apartment 8 key
  • Zmeevsky 5 apartment 20 key

Starting with the Sky Bridge, this key is needed for a quest. Besides the valuables spawns, electronics, loose loot, and a PC block, this is a really good location for a sniper. As time passes, more people will learn about this part of Escape from Tarkov’s Streets map, but for now, it remains relatively unknown. Thus, you can use it to your advantage.

Apartment 48 has a bunch of valuables, an electronic item, and provisions. This Streets map location is good for a quick money run.

Inside Zmeevsky 3, there is a sports bag, a jacket, and valuables scattered throughout the apartment.

Inside Zmeevsky 5, it is mostly loose electronics, a sports bag, and some provisions scattered around.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the locked apartments; almost any place you can loot will yield some rewards. These keys, on their own, are not the greatest, but they usually pay for themselves in one run, and together they are useful.

Be careful, as a lot of combat can happen near these apartments, as there is a PMC extraction nearby.

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7. The Pinewood Hotel Zone

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (7)

This is a huge area that is most notable for hardware, electronics, household items, and provisions. The most notable parts of this area are Rooms 206 and 215 of the Hotel.

Inside Room 206 there are valuables, loose loot, provisions, and a dead scav. In Room 215 there are mostly provisions.

8. The Industrial Zone of the Escape from Tarkov Streets Map

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (8)

This location is also massive, starting with the southeastern part of the zone. There are a few rooms with computers and duffel bags. Outside, you can find a medical supply crate and meds.

The best part about this street map location, and you may have guessed it, as it has “industrial” in its name, is the abundant household item spawns. You will find hideout items across the entire area, and it is one of the best places to find that kind of loot on the map.

This map area is especially good for early farming after a wipe in Escape from Tarkov when those items are expensive or when you need them for your hideout. There is also a market if you are in need of provisions and barter items. There are a few keys we would like to discuss.

The keys to the financial institution and its small office are inexpensive and will make you a lot of money. In the first locked room, you will find plenty of PC parts, valuables, loose loot, provisions, a duffel bag, and building materials.

The second locked room is one of the most underrated on the Streets map in Escape from Tarkov. It is a small room containing three filing cabinets, a safe, PC blocks, and a jacket.

Finally, there is a marked room here. Marked rooms have all kinds of amazing loot, such as cases, rare weapons, rare ammo, valuables, and so forth. Moreover, this particular room has a weapons crate on top of all that. Currently, the key to this room is worth about 2 million roubles on the flea market.

Final Thoughts on How to Get the Best Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Streets Map

Since there is not a lot of information out on this map, this is a more general guide, but you can see even without going into too much detail how crazy this map is for loot. We definitely recommend you get on it.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Check out our other great Escape from Tarkov map guides if you did, and we hope you have good raids on Streets of Tarkov map!

The Best Places for Loot on Escape from Tarkov's Streets Map (2024)
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