The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (2024)

Customs is usually the first map that new players learn in Escape from Tarkov. It is also the most accessible map to navigate. It is relatively narrow and has a three-lane structure, memorable locations, and—most conveniently for early quests—it just so happens that most of them are located on Customs.

That being said, the map still has its own complexity, and just because it is simpler than the others does not guarantee success. This article will help you understand the best locations on this map and how to incorporate them into your routes.

1. Dorms – The Highest Risk & Highest Reward Location On Customs Map in Tarkov

Risk: Very High

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (1)

Dorms are the riskiest place on this list, but it is our number location for loot on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov for a few reasons. Customs, in general, are pretty PVP-heavy and people who go to dorms are usually pretty well-geared and experienced in fights.

However, the fights that occur in dorms usually happen at the beginning of the match, so if you are looking for PvP, go to the dorms as soon as possible.

What makes dorms special is the locked rooms. They have potentially incredible loot, and many of your quests will be found behind them. Bringing a duffel bag with plenty of keys in your secure container is a great way to get money and rare items.

The loot in the Dorms is excellent, and many items that spawn in places such as the Mark Room have extremely valuable loot, such as item cases, rare weapons, and ammunition.

One tip if you are doing a quest or just want to grab stuff safely is to wait for a bit in a quiet location after most of the PMCs have left. This does not guarantee your safety, but it is still safer.

The Difference between Two-Story and Three-Story Dorms in Escape from Tarkov’s Customs Map

As you may know, there are two sides to dorms, and they play out differently depending on where you go and when. Two-story dorms are the safer option, as there is not as much loot there; thus, it is our recommended way to play if you are not as experienced.

While both locations on the Customs map are heavily populated with players versus players action in Escape from Tarkov, three-story dorms are much more contested and have the potential to spawn the Scav boss, Reshala.

A good strategy is to bring the two-story keys 105, 110, and 114 and use them to make money. The rooms are relatively close together, so it won’t take much time. The only problem is that the 114 key is quite expensive right now.

2. Fortress

Risk: Very High/High

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (2)

The Fortress is similar to Dorms on the Customs map in that there is a lot of PvP in the beginning. The Fortress also has a lot of good loot, and it is “second best” to dorms in almost anything. The flip side is that it becomes less contested later on.

Keep in mind that just because it is not as contested as the dorms does not mean it is a safe area to go to; it is still a pretty popular location. Regardless, the place is full of all kinds of loot, including duffel bags, provisions, loose ammo, weapon boxes, and a technical crate.

The Fortress, just like the Dorms, has a chance to spawn Reshala, so be mindful of that. At night, south of the Fortress, cultists spawn too. If you are looking to go cultist-hunting, we recommend bringing thermal sights.

The good thing about this Customs map location is that there a lot of good locations near it for eager Escape from Tarkov players. For example, the “Crack House” is entirely visible from the Fortress, making sniping easier if you manage to catch someone who isn’t paying attention.

A Safe Strategy For Looting The Fortress on the Customs Map in Tarkov

Even though the place can be dangerous, in the basem*nt of the Fortress, there is an extraction if you have the right key. Bringing the factory key will make your life much easier on Customs, as you can extract after you have looted the whole building.

If you are badly injured and need a quick extraction, you can always rely on this as it is in the middle of the map. This is especially useful if you manage to kill Reshala and his guards, and extract directly afterward.

For the extraction to work, power must be turned on at warehouse 4.

3. The Repair Shop

Risk: Medium/Low

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (3)

The repair shop, just like any other place on Escape from Tarkov’s Customs map, is risky to visit at first but not as much later on. This place is great for looting if you are playing a Scav and want to avoid early PVP.

What is great about this location is the fact that it has many rare loot spawns, and they can be easy to miss if you are inexperienced or just in the heat of the moment. Of course, if you spawn here, we recommend being careful, but if you are quick, it should not be a problem.

If you plan on going here, bring the USEC Stash key; right now, it goes for about 40k roubles, and you can make that money easily in a single run. Early wipe, this place is good to loot if you are low on money; potentially, you could find some dead players too.

When going to the Repair Shop, be mindful of the fact that it is a very close-quartered place; take your time, and check corners in case someone is hiding.

Overall this is a great location on Customs map to incorporate into your Escape from Tarkov loot runs.

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4. Crack House Location on Customs Map in Escape from Tarkov

Risk: High/Medium

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (4)

The Cracked House is the place to visit if you need medicine, especially early in the wipe when you can find rare sales and morphine spawns. This place has sports bags, jackets, intel spawns, and, of course, tons of med bags and loose medicine spawns.

Unfortunately, due to the linear nature of Customs, this is a very popular place, partly because it has pretty good loot. This place can spawn Golden Stars and Stims, which are great to either sell or use.

Just like many locations on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov, it is a narrow building, and checking everything is essential. Even though much of the PVP occurs early on, many people loot this place, making it somewhat unpredictable. Be wary of both players and player scavs even later on.

We spoke about this place being visible from the fortress; if you are on the second floor, just know that you can be shot through the big window, so try to look quickly, or if you have a scoped weapon, look out for people at the Fortress.

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5. The Big Red

Risk: Very High/High

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (5)

Big Red has a problem with the entire western side of the map funneling into it. There are plenty of PMC spawns in that area, making it difficult to avoid PVP if one wants to get away. Furthermore, if someone engages players or scavs at Big Red, all the players nearby become aware of their presence.

The loot here is pretty good if you have the Tarcone Director’s key, which you need for a quest early on. There are weapon boxes, rare loot, flash drives, PCs with possible GPU spawns, intelligence folders, and a safe.

If you spawn at Big Red on the Tarkov’s Customs map, you can potentially grab all the loot. However, be careful, as someone will almost certainly rush your position.

6. New Gas Station

Risk: High

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (6)

The reason why New Gas is so low on the list is that it is a big chokepoint on the east side of the map, making it often heavily contested, as players have a choice to either path to Dorms or through here.

To make matters worse, Reshala and his guards spawn here. If they do not appear, regular scavs will, potentially revealing your position to other players. This would be acceptable if the loot was good, but this place is rather stingy unless you have the Gas Station Manager’s office key and the Gas Station Storage key.

Reshala spawning does not have to be a bad thing; after all, if you are ready to take him on, you can potentially get some really good loot. Yet, in general, there are better places to loot on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov.

There are a few stashes and key spawns around it, so it is a good place to incorporate into your loot run if you pass by quickly.

7. Warehouses

Risk: Medium/Low

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (7)

Warehouses 3, 4, 7, and Depot are included. Warehouse 7 is further from Warehouses 3 and 4, but it has loot similar to them and it is more convenient to combine them for this list.

This area has a few weapon cases, weapon mods, loose provisions, jackets, and the like. Scavs spawn in this area too, but they are easily avoidable. The most frequently visited is Warehouse 4, as that is where you turn on the power for the Fortress.

Not much to say about this place other than the fact that you can get some decent loot with relatively low risk later on.

Final Words on the Best Map Locations for Loot on Customs in Escape from Tarkov

While some locations on Tarkov’s Customs map are better than others, it all depends on what you need and you cannot simply visit one location raid after raid. Knowing how to use them all together and when to do so is one of the most important skills to learn in Tarkov.

That is all. Good luck in your raids, and make sure to check out the 7 best locations for loot on Escape from Tarkov’s Woods map!

The 7 Best Locations to Get Loot on the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map (2024)
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